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Two friends came up with a great idea. To create a revolution in supplementing the necessary nutrients for baby development without taking pills. Delicious, 100% natural juices, in three different flavours. For moms, who care about their baby's health.

Creation Process

Take a look at details of each step during the research, prototype and design phase.

The product’s target group is young and modern mothers. The product is a suitable alternative to folic acid pills made from natural resources, for which mothers are willing to pay extra. This drink is full of vitamins ideal for pregnancy and is fine-tuned based on real users' feedback. The product name MAMA+ symbolises a super-mother, who wants the best for her baby. The brand name motherBOOST evokes, that the company strives to help mothers and support their babies' health.
We created a 3D model of the bottle, which was used to visualise the product before printing the sticker, thus saving the designing time. Later, the 3D rendering was used as the main promotional element for print materials and web banners. Thanks to the cooperation with printers, we were able to discuss various options for materials, embossing, label textures and new printing technologies. On account of this, the detail of the displayed illustration, social media icons, product benefits and the name MAMA+ can be physically felt on the label.
In the final testing, we found out, that the target group prefers illustrations of mothers to fruits. The label contains all the legislatively necessary information - from ingredients, EAN barcode, the liquid volume, to the recycling icons. We highlighted all the vitamins contained in the drink, as well as the explanation of the added value.

RGB 216 1 117

HSL 328 99 43


Clearly communicates with the target audience, that is mothers and mothers-to-be. The colour also symbolizes love and self-esteem.


RGB 252 194 0

HSL 46 100 49


Fills the design with a feeling of warm sun, good mood and optimism. Also, the yellow colour in marketing has been long-term associated with vitamins.


RGB 236 128 186

HSL 328 74 71



RGB 230 73 153

HSL 329 76 59



RGB 238 155 88

HSL 27 82 64



RGB 147 192 31

HSL 77 72 44


Challenges & Solutions

Narrow visible area

The product name MAMA+ was placed vertically to take the full advantage of the label's vertical height, in order to catch customers’ eye at drugstores and local groceries.

Small space, a lot of information

It is always necessary to mention all the required information on this type of product. We paid special attention to the size and readability of the font. After several versions of the sticker, we reached the layout of the elements, which was effective, clear, and at the same time, usable from every angle of the bottle.

More lifestyle than medicine

Three flavours, three characters. Apple, dark grapes and white grapes. Each flavour has its own unique colour, and each depicts parenthood using a different illustration. Vibrant and deep colours are chosen to attract attention, and so that the drink looks fresh and healthy, just like the seasonal fruit.

Community is the key

Thanks to the future mothers, enthusiastically sharing the content, we were able to create the brand and a product awareness. Moms adding photos with a drink and spreading the news about MAMA+ among their followers through social networks.

Petra Matysak

Co-founder of motherBOOST

"Great job in all aspects. Studio detaility is a truly reliable and creative partner, that always exceeds the expected. The work was done to the tiniest detail and on time. Our products are loved by mothers. Thank you!"