We’re wizards


Dan Celiga

He chose a lifelong journey to
understand the human psyche.


UX, Branding,

Love Brand


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Sam Eisner

Hues and shapes are
under his sway.


Graphic Design,

Love Brand


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Tom Hotovy

Two dimensions were not
enough for him.


3D visualisations,

Love Brand


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Substance Painter

Why do
we do it?

We met during our childhood. Even back then, our heads have been producing new ideas, non-stop. We’ve been trying and learning how to use new tools, softwares and techniques, since we wanted to have an absolute control over our creativity. When we noticed, that something wasn't working well, we were trying to figure out how to improve it immediately.

After years of design studies and experiences in the field we have understood, that we are able to solve business issues together and to help people around us. We have been doing so for five years already. Our belief is, that a good design is not only beautiful, but also functional. We honestly care about each client. Therefore, even after delivering the completed assignment, we remain in contact and always look forward to a long-term partnership. Your success is also our success.

Our clients

We enchant
all these

Who are you and what do you stand for?

Let your brand walk the talk.

Our strategic branding process extracts the essence of who you are and prepares it for communication with the target group. By creating a unique brand, you have the opportunity to differentiate yourself from the competition with USP, and to bring a long-term profit to your business.

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What is the experience of your brand?

Interaction with every touchpoint should be memorable and delightful.

Sometimes, it’s the tiny details that can ruin everything. Other times, it’s about fundamental problems with the services or missing information. We will find these issues and report on them to you along with a solution. The result is easy navigation, decreased bounce rate (immediate website leaving), and increased conversions. You will therefore avoid unnecessary customer confusion, frustration and repeating support questions.

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Do you have a website?

We mean a good one...

A website is a business card of the 21st century, and many times, it is the first interaction with your brand. The first 7 seconds decide whether the user stays or leaves. The quality of your copy, images/videos, web design, loading speed and overall User Experience [UX] of your webpage decide. We design and then develop websites, that combine all these elements and we work towards conversions.

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How to visualise your ideas?

With 3D, anything is possible.

The next evolutionary step in product presentation. While designing, we are not limited by the environment, colour, textures, nor the lighting. We can create anything, starting with abstract images and animations for marketing and ending with prototyping your new product. There are no limits for creativity. 3D is flexible, easy to edit and repeatable.

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