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Dental Institute is a modern dental clinic founded by Dr. Pitekova, who dedicated her whole life to medicine. Thanks to her extensive specialisation, she was able to establish a clinic, combining a complex dental care and an aesthetic medicine at a professional level.

Creation Process

Take a look at details of each step during the research, prototype and design phase.

After an in-depth analysis of the business, one of the first steps was to research the market and to define the place among the competition clearly. This was followed by determining the customer's added value, the differentiating factor, and the creation of a persona based on a survey of the target group. It was necessary to develop a proper name, that does not limit future growth, is suggestive and looks reliable. One of the steps of the branding was defining the archetype of the brand, which will make it easier to communicate the marketing messages.
Website, which got to the final form thanks to wireframe iterations and testing, had clear priorities from the very beginning. It had to have a simple and intuitive navigation, quick access to contacts, responsive mobile version design, consistency of the branding and admin interface for quick editing and adding new content.

We gradually began to create the visuals, keeping the information from the research phase in mind. After experimenting with shapes, photos, and colour gradients, we composed a mood board for the client. That was before our design phase, to ensure that we were going in the right direction. After the approval, we got the ball rolling with the final branding process.
The result is a modern look of the brand. The logo symbol has rounded edges and a simple shape, thanks to which it seems friendly and safe. Its colours are pleasant and they reduce the fear of visiting the dental clinics, as they usually appear as cold clinic places. Logotype looks clean and elegant, thanks to its curves. We differentiated the three main service categories by setting guidelines for colours, graphic elements and custom 3D renders.
Midnight Blue

RGB 39 40 89

HSL 239 39 25


It essentially replaces black. It is used mainly as a colour for texts and dark backgrounds.


RGB 102 204 204

HSL 180 50 60


Soft green and blue shades represent health, while pink represents beauty.

Sky Blue

RGB 161 210 232

HSL 199 61 77


Lilac Pink

RGB 231 146 204

HSL 319 64 74


Baby Pink

RGB 245 197 220

HSL 331 71 87


Challenges & Solutions

Competitive advantage

When analysing services and competition, we defined a unique selling proposition. Dental Institute's strength lies mainly in several comprehensive services under one roof, with above-standard technological equipment - compared to the competition. Access to modern machines and the latest treatment techniques attracts the potential client, who is looking for a high-end health care. Based on this uniqueness, we created the Dental Institute brand step by step.

Pleasant atmosphere

The visual communication of a friendly atmosphere, which breaks the notion of negative dentistry stereotypes, was the priority. A visit to a dentist is often an unpleasant experience for many people. That's why we paid special attention to the right choice of colours, shapes and elements, that remove these unpleasant feelings. On the contrary, they evoke a sense of comfort, security and transparency.

How not to use a tooth?

In the dentistry segment, the tooth is a design cliché. The logo is based on the shape of a triangle, which symbolises solid foundations, and at the same time, represents three primary specialisations. As the logo does not have sharp edges, it creates a more friendly and welcoming impression.

MUDr. Lucia Pitekova, PhD.

Founder of Dental Institute

"I am delighted with the detaility’s work. Our cooperation has been prompt from the very beginning, accompanied by professionalism and a swift approach to my requirements. Starting with the logo design, followed by the idea of a new, modern clinic, we came up together with the whole concept of Dental Institute Dr. Pitekova. I consider this cooperation to be very successful and I recommend the services of detaility to all demanding clients - just like me."